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Sticky Situation

This will be a short post. I know I haven’t written for a while, but at the moment I’ve more concerned with the Bush Fires in our region. While the fires haven’t been close to my home, they are near me and I’ve been constantly on alert in case the fronts change and come in my direction.

It’s been truly awful. Already the fires have claimed more than 180 lives, more than 700 homes, two whole townships and have left about 5000 people homeless. And the fires are still burning. 😦

What makes matters worse is the fact that a lot of the fires burning have been deliberately lit. How some mongrel can do this to all these people is just truly beyond me. I hope they throw the book at this bastard for everything they can and may they rot in jail until their death.


On a lighter note. Just thought that I’d post a few photos of my daughter ICE, playing with her stickers. Very cute if you ask me!


Are my legs stuck on?

Are my legs stuck on?






The quality of the photos isn’t the best due to them being taken on my mobile and by my hubby, who, to be frank, doesn’t possess fantastic photographic skills!

I hope that this post finds you all well and in good health.