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A poem….

Shadows of Oblivion

An explosion inside brings out all that I had to hide

The anger, the sadness, my secret darker side

My life is a train-wreck; it’s an internal battlefield

Through the carnage, they’re coming at me from all sides to yield

They can’t look away, for they’re enthralled by what they see

And so no one rushes in, no one tries to save myself from me

Everyone bears witness to my ungraceful and ungainly glide

Into oblivion, a place where happiness has long died.

I swim to the shores to where the darkness basks its skin

Balk at the sight of my reflection on the unearthly tinge

Try to stand up tall, resolve to claw my way up and out

All while the sprites and faeries dance about and shout

Of how it will never measure up, my expectations

So I may as well surrender to my inclinations

That this is the best, the greatest it will ever get to be

And I should just allow my spirit to be set free.

Disheartened, I slink away from the shores and begin to tread

Back into the blackest of oceans, the shadows of the dead

I strain my ears, hoping to hear the faintest sound of hope calling

All the while realising I’m sinking further, falling and falling

Into the darkness, the shadows of oblivion

To rest along side the other women and men

Who graced this earth for one reason or another

But left it too, instead to come here and eternally suffer.


Copyright Intricately Complex, 2009.