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Cooling off

I just gave KHAL his first shower this afternoon in the hopes of feeling a little fresher and cooling off a bit in this heat. I think he may have enjoyed it! There were no tears, no wimpering and a few smiles!
I’m glad because ICE hates showers. It used to be a whole stage production when I would even try to wash her hair! Thankfully she is getting better, but she still refuses to go in the shower. Baby steps I guess.

Fancy Seeing You Here In A Place Like This…

Hello World!

So this is my new place to vent…

I used to vent in the form of poetry at various poetry forums but for some reason, it became less and less satisfying.

Alas, what is a girl to do? Why, blog of course!!

Maybe here I can get down what I really feel, work through it with the help of all of you and possibly (hopefully) create some great friendships along the way.

So, ok.

I don’t really know where to start… A bit about me I would suppose…

So, I’m married. Mother of two beautiful children. A  3 year old daughter, ICE and a 3 month old son, KHAL. Obviously these are not their actual names, however they are abbreviations (of sorts) of their actual names. Yes I have the perfect pigeon pair. I know, I’m lucky. But so are many other mums.

I live in the state of Victoria, Australia. My home is in a small town of about 3000 people. It’s quiet here. We live in the nice part the township. But it’s weird here too. We’ve been here for about 4 years, owned a local business for most of that time, but we are not considered “locals” and we won’t be until we have lived in the same house for the last 30 years. In a town this small, most of everybody knows or knows of most of everybody else. Gossip is rife! For example there was a rumour not so long ago that my DH and myself were going to purchase the local ABC daycare centre as the company went into receivorship. The business we last owned was a small supermarket/petrol station – totally different profession! It’s funny because DH and I had never even spoken to one another about the fact the centre was going to be up for sale, let alone even consider the idea of buying it ourselves! I have no idea how these types of rumours start, and I guess all you can do is laugh at the gossips and anyone who believes them and then passes it on!

I am currently a stay at home mother, and proud of it I must say! I love being home with my kids, watching them grow and develop everyday. Yes, my daughter goes to childcare twice a week. Many of you might think that I should keep her home because I don’t go out into the workforce and earn a wage, but let me tell you – if you saw how much she LOVED going there, how much she has blossomed – socially and intellectually – then I dare you to tell me again how she should be at home.

Initially when we first put her into daycare, she was one year old and I had no choice as I had to go to work 5 days a week in our new business. I hated it for the entire time she was there all week. I hated the drop-offs – she was going through the seperation anxiety stage – because she would cry and cry and look at me with eyes full of tears calling out to me the entire time it took to sign her in. It broke tiny chunks off my heart everytime I had to go through that. In the end, I made my DH drop her off because I just couldn’t cope with it any longer. This went on for about 3 months. After that I was able to cut my work days down and at the same time I cut her days down as well. This proved to be a great move as she just flourished after this! She started displaying intellectually advanced behaviours. By the time she was two she could read all the letters of the alphabet, all numbers from 1 – 10, she knew just about every colour and shades of colours too – like khaki was a green, etc – and her social skills were advanced also. Now you might think that I am just being biased, but this was backed up by her carers, who deal with little kids on a daily basis, so you would think that they would be somewhat knowledgeable in this department. ICE absolutely LOVES book – in fact she has hundreds of them as we have tried to encourage this activity and I think this plus daycare has contributed to her intelligence. We would much prefer her to read than to sit on the couch watching the television. And while she does watch some television, it is never for long periods of time as she would much rather going a do her puzzles, draw, play kitchen or, yep you guessed it, read her books. I’ll never complain about this! And she has so many friends, she loves everyone! So, for as long as she is happy there, she will continue to attend.   =:)

And now that I we have sold our business and my husband works elsewhere, I am able to stay home full time and look after my son and daughter. And yes, once KHAL is about a year old, I fully intend to put him into daycare a couple days a week. That is assuming that the ABC centre is still operating at that time! 

So that is a little about me.  Inevitably more will be revealed as time goes on. I hope you will stick with me as my journey unfolds and I hope you will be patient while I get the hang on this blogging thing!