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an EYE on you!


So I was at Niobe’s blog and her recent post about eye color has inspired me to take a photo of my own eye…

take one...

take one...


So that was my first photo I took. And I must say it was a lot harder than I originally thought. I took this one sitting at my laptop. I think we could all agree that the above eye is blue. Yes?


Why is it then, when I moved into a room with MUCH better light for taking photos, did they turn out like this:


take two..


I wouldn’t say the above eye is a blue colour. In fact I don’t know how to describe that colour. Any thoughts??

I’m not sure whether I like the idea of my eyes changing colour. I mean, it just made me think that if the eyes are the windows to your soul, what does that say about mine? Does that mean that my soul is not constant? That I can change the core of my being as easily as light affects my eyes? Is my struggles in life made even more difficult because there is no stability in my person? What do you think?