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Michael Jackson’s Swan Song

I woke up this morning. I logged onto the computer to read the morning news on the internet, such as I do every day.

I was faced with articles purporting that Michael Jackson had passed away. I thought it was a hoax. You know, like the rumours that said that Harrison Ford and Jeff Goldblum had passed away.

And then I received an email from CNN that confirmed his death.

I am sad.

Sad for the loss that his death has created. As eccentric as he was, he was a musical genius.

Sad for there will be no more music from him. No more music to enrich our lives.

Sad for his family, his three children who are now fatherless.

Sad that the last photo taken of him was of his body as he was being transported on a stretcher to the ambulance.

I am glad that people are celebrating, singing and dancing in the streets, a living tribute to the man behind so many tabloid stories, so much criticism, and stinging allegations.

Has uncool as it is to actually enjoy his music (where I live anyway) I cannot deny it. I do. His History album was the first I bought. I was about 12. It was on cassette tape for crying out loud!

As much as the powers that be decided that Invincible was a flop, I actually loved it.

What else can I say.

R.I.P.  Michael Jackson.