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Holding On

It’s been a few days since my last post. A lot has been going on. Here’s a quick run-down.

  1. We are in the middle of renovating our bathroom. Walls have been torn down, we have 3 different types of flooring at the moment and the who bathroom is just a disaster area! But we have finally installed our shower room. It is truly the best investment that we have ever made – as far as the bathroom is concerned anyway. Anyway, it took the plumbers a month to come out and actually install it. God only knows what they were doing to take THAT long… most likely trying to figure out how to get the pipe out of their arse. Sorry. I’m a bit narky on that issue… can you tell? Anyhow, they came out and installed it about 2 weeks ago. And the fantastic, reliable and professional plumbers that they are, our very first shower leaked water EVERYWHERE. So we called them back up and out they toddled (the very next day!) and sealed the edges again. And took OUR bottle of sealant with them (how rude!). And after we had the next shower, lo and behold – water leaked EVERYWHERE!Hubby had a look and what do you know, they didn’t seal the top of the shower room. Ummm… HELLO!! The shower has a roof… that needs to be sealed as well! What was happening was because the shower is an enclosed unit, and because the roof wasn’t sealed like it was supposed to have been, condensation from the hot water was rising up and escaping through the gaps  between the walls and the roof and then falling down the the sides, creating puddles of water on the floor. So instead of getting the plumbers back, my hubby got up there and sealed it himself last night. He had a shower before work this morning, and from what I can tell ( I was still in bed when he left for work) there wasn’t any water on the floor… Just goes to show that a man with no plumbing experience what-so-ever can STILL know more than the professionals. I must play devil’s advocate for just a second and say that they had mentioned something about never installing a shower like ours before… or something like that….. *ahem* So anyway, hopefully that’s fixed.
  2. We are trying to toilet-train ICE. she is 3 and 1/2 years old, but she has had a medical condition that has actually prevented us from trying to train her before. So now we’ve started. And she is taking to it like a duck takes to water. So surprizing considering her response to all of our other short-lived attempts to try and get her bladder-trained. Prior as soon as we even mentioned the word “knickers”, “toilet”, “potty” she would scream and cry and carry on like she was told that she could never see her mum again. Seriously. It was bad! Funny thing was she would ask to sit on the toilet, and so we let her every time she asked, hoping that it was a start to us being able to get her out of nappies. If we told her to sit on the toilet, she turned on the waterworks!  But after her last visit to the paedatrician, he advised us that there wasn’t much more we could do until she was bladder-trained at the very least, as the next option was to give her medicine to help bind her up a bit and make her stools a bit more solid, rather than the slush that they are (or were*) So the very next day, we woke her up and took her to the toilet and made her sit on it. She cried and yelled and told me she couldn’t do wee’s, but you know what? About 5 seconds later, she did! You should have seen the look of horror on her face when she realised what she was doing. And then she clamped up tight and wouldn’t actually finish.  But we made THE biggest deal out of it. She got a sticker which she chose to stick on the door of her bedside table, DH gave her some money to put in her “piggy-box” and I danced around and sang and told her how awesome it was that she did wee’s in the toilet. By the end of it, she was actually proud of herself and told everyone she met what she had done that morning! The advice from her doctor was to sit her on the toilet three times a day and not worry if she didn’t do anything, but if she did do something, then to make a big deal out of it. That way, the only way she got anything out of it was by going to the toilet. On her first day, I also managed to notice the signs of her about to do a poo, so i whisked her onto the toilet and she did it in there too! She cried and carried on again, and told me she couldn’t, but she couldn’t hold it in anymore and actually went. And then we made an even bigger deal over it. She got TWO monies and TWO stickers and we danced and sang and told her how awesome she was. You should have seen how big her smile was! So anyway, we sat her on the toilet three times a day for about two weeks, but noticed that the only time she really went was first thing in the morning or when we noticed she was about to do poo’s. Every other time she just went in her nappy. I figured this wasn’t working for us so, three days ago, I pulled out the knickers. And there were no tears this time. In fact she was quite excited. The first day she had one accident and from then on for that day, she went to the toilet. She cried and came running to me when she felt like she couldn’t hold on, so I had to take her to the toilet myself, but she would do wee’s and I’d make a big deal and she got her rewards and she would be so proud of herself. And the next day, she had one accident, and this time, I reminded her to go to the toilet every few hours when I noticed she hadn’t been, and she was fine. She went to ABC yesterday, in knickers, and the report back was that there was no accidents! She had a little one last night where she didn’t quite make it to the toilet, but it was probably two drops of urine, if that. We are putting her nappies overnight, but they are still dry in the morning and she is starting to go to the toilet by herself. I think we are getting there. I guess she is just finally ready to be trained and maybe we were placing to much stress on her previously, hence the drama.
  3. We had BBQ at my mother’s the other day to celebrate Australia Day. That was a lot of fun. We played a card game called Frustration whose name really suits it! It took about 4hrs from start to finish. But it was great.
  4. I had a weight watchers weigh-in on Saturday morning. I’d been really good the last week, and did more exercise etc, but I got on the scales and you know what I lost? 100 grams. 100 fucking grams! I couldn’t believe it. NOT HAPPY JAN!! It’s not even a real weight loss because I was wearing 3/4 pants and normally I wear full length track pants. So by the end of that meeting I wasn’t in the mood to do anything… not even blog! We’ll see how I go this week.


So that’s been my week. It doesn’t look like much, but with daily life and then the added obstacles, it just seemed to fill right up!

And now I have to go tend to KHAL aka Captain Crankypants! Teething during scorching hot weather is not fun for anyone!

How was your last week??


* ICE has a condition known as toddler diarrhoea where her stools are still basically slush at 3.5 y/o and she has trouble putting on weight. She weighs only 12.5kgs (27.5 lbs). She eats normally and enjoys and healthy and varied diet. This condition normally resolves itself by this age and in our case I believe this is happening as her stools have been a lot firmer than whats normal for her.

Picture Perfect!


I know it’s a bit a late, but I just had to share with you my two precious children, KHAL and ICE! It was ICE’s first real christmas where she had a small amount of understanding what Santa was all about. Of course KHAL had no idea, but he had a great day anyway – lots of babbling.

I can’t wait until Christmas this year.

I know, we just got over last Christmas and already I can’t wait for the next one?  Insane, absolutely, but hear me out…

It will be our first Christmas at home as a family by ourselves. Up until now, we’ve always spent Christmas morning at the inlaws. This year I’m looking forward to ICE running in and jumping on us in excitement, letting us know that Santa had been and could she open her presents, puh-leaasssee??!!! It’s what we did to my parents when we were still young and I know that it was as much fun for them as it was for me and my four brothers.

A pretty good reason to look forward to Christmas already – especially when you see the smiles on those kids’ faces!

Cooling off

I just gave KHAL his first shower this afternoon in the hopes of feeling a little fresher and cooling off a bit in this heat. I think he may have enjoyed it! There were no tears, no wimpering and a few smiles!
I’m glad because ICE hates showers. It used to be a whole stage production when I would even try to wash her hair! Thankfully she is getting better, but she still refuses to go in the shower. Baby steps I guess.