Wordless Wednesday

They love each other this much!DSCF1857






  1. Heidi Said:

    They are so beautiful. I hope things are going better. It’s hard to be happy when they are so young and you are so tired. Things will get better as they get older. How are the meds working? I never tried Fluvoxemene but take Lexapro which is similar.

  2. jenn Said:

    How adorable! He has the most precious baby chunk & she just looks like an absolute sweetheart!

  3. That Girl Said:

    Hi there, I didn’t actually leave, it was more of a move.. this is my new home. http://listentomyheartsong.wordpress.com I knew a few RL people were reading so I dumped one blog into the other. They are virtually the same in every way accept I keep ALL my entry’s here, not just the edited ones. Feel free to read, I didn’t actually think I had any repeat readers 🙂 Small world I guess. Your kids are so sweet, I miss that age. So there you go 🙂 I am very much okay. Thanks for asking.

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