From the mouths of Babes…

What follows is a conversation I had with my almost 4yo yesterday:

ICE:  Mum, where’s your dad?

Me:  My Dad died hunny.

ICE:  Did your Mum kill him??

Me:  No, my mum did not kill him.


WTF???!!!! For starters, where in the world did she even get the notion that people kill people??? And secondly why would she even think my mother was the cause of his death!!! It made me laugh!

Seriously though, no more TV for her until she is like, well 100!



  1. Heidi Said:

    That is a bizarre question! LOL

  2. Heidi Said:

    Hi, I emailed you a reply to your comment on my blog then realized that it went to “noreply” bla bla. So, in other words I couldn’t find your email. Perhaps you want it that way?
    Thanks for understanding and being so nice. Too funny about the floor guys!
    Um, waiting for your next post…

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