I know I have been super slack in posting lately.

I’ve been struggling a lot with some inner demons.

I know this is a platform where I can vent all of  what ails me, but at the moment I’m trying so hard not to think about it myself, that not thinking about it is taking up all my time… Well that and dealing with two sick kids – one of which had her tonsils and adenoids removed, the other who has a chest infection caused by a virus (so no medicine will help apparently) and was also on the verge of hospitalisation. Both kids are doing much better now. Thankfully.

So, this is where I’m at. Hopefully soon I will get the courage to post about  what’s going on and expose myself to criticism and (hopefully) someone who cares enough to try to help.

I hope your lives are going better than my own at the moment.

Happy Days.



  1. Rebel Said:

    Aww sweetie, I hope things continue to get better there. Sick kids are no fun!! Hang in there and know that I am here when you are ready to talk!!


  2. Rebel Said:

    I wanted to thank you for your last comment… could you send me your e-mail addy?? I wanted to reply to you, but didn’t have it.


  3. Heidi Said:

    It is hard sometimes to write about stuff while still going through it. I hope the kids feel better soon.

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