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I must have jinxed myself.

The last night was back to how it has been for the last few weeks.

Even a feed this afternoon was difficult.

This truly sux. 😦


On the Dinner Menu…


Lasagne, a’la Intricately Complex…


So, tonight I thought I’d make a lasagne for dinner. I love it. It’s easy and great for the kiddies!! My husband is so jealous right now as he loves my lasagne but he can’t have any tonight as he is away at a business meeting! Hehehe! I thought I’d share the recipe with you all.

Please forgive my poor presentation – I’m not a chef, and I don’t have that certain flair that gives me the ability to make food look like it does in television commercials!


This is not suitable for those on diets or dietary programs such as Weight Watchers!

However, its still very yummy and a great way to get kids to eat vegies.

These quantities make up enough lasagne to feed myself, hubby and 3.5 y/o daughter for two nightly meals, could spread further if a salad is added.


  • 1kg beef mince
  • 6 rashers of bacon, chopped in small squares
  • 1/2 large capsicum (either green or red, it doesn’t really matter), diced
  • 1 large onion, diced
  • 1 500ml jar of spaghetti sauce
  • 1 500ml jar of béchamel sauce
  • 250g packet of oven ready lasagne sheets
  • 1 tin of crushed tomatoes
  • herbs and spices to taste  ( I used garlic, marjoram, basil, oregano, and rosemary)
  • grated cheese (lots!)
  • tomato paste to thicken if necessary ( I didn’t have use it this time round, but have in the past. Depends on fat content of mince and bacon)
  • 1 large carrot, grated

Optional ingredients

  • broccoli cut into small pieces
  • cauliflower cut into small pieces
  • corn kernels
  • peas

Trust me, if your kids are fussy eaters where vegetables are concerned, this is a fantastic way to get them to eat it as the colour and taste of the sauce overpowers the taste of the vegetables – with the exception of peas and corn – you may still see these.


Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius/ 350 Fahrenheit. (Moderate Oven)

In a large frying pan,(or alternatively a large pot on the stove) fry up bacon, onion and capsicum until tender and bacon is cooked. Add mince, fry until cook. Add herbs and spices. Add carrot and any optional vegies and fry until tender. Add jar of spaghetti sauce and crushed tomatoes. Simmer for about 10 mins. Add tomato paste if needed.

In a baking tray that is fairly deep, spread a layer of the meat sauce on bottom, then add a layer of lasagne sheets, followed by a spread layer of the béchamel sauce. Continue to layer in this order until no meat sauce remains, top with a layer of lasagne sheets, béchamel sauce and  cover top with lots of grated cheese!

Whack it in the oven for about 50-60 mins, until cheese is golden brown. Serve and enjoy!!!

If reheating in an oven from the fridge, set temp as before and heat for approximately 30mins, until heated through. It tastes just as great the second night.

Tell what you think if you ever get around to making this for your family.  🙂

And maybe you could share some of your own recipes that is family friendly, and quick and easy to prepare!

**Due to living in Australia, I am using the metric system where quantities are involved. Unfortunately I cannot seem to convert them for you. These quantities are mostly packaged in the stated quantities, ready to use.**

Breastfeeding Update

We’ve had two good nights.

No crying, happy to feed the night before last.

A little fussing last night, but nowhere near as bad as it has been.

And no tears from me on either occasions! Yay!

Let’s hope it prevails!

Cross your fingers for me!


I knew my hubby wasn’t a romantic when I married him.

And I knew that, because of his childhood and how he had to grow up, emotionally he was a little… stunted.

But I loved him anyway and I believed that the longer we were together, the easier it would be for him to let it go and start allowing his feelings rise to the surface.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the complete and absolute insensitivity he displayed last night.

I am still struggling with b/feeding my son of a night, the letdown reflex is still slow and he is still extremely frustrated with me and my body. As a result of this, for the past 5 days we ( I should say, I ) have resorted to trying to top up his night feeds with formula, Khal HATES this. The entire time I am trying to get him to drink some formula, he cries, goes bright red in the face, shakes his head from side to side and pushes away from me all in a bid not to have to swallow that horrible, awful liquid that tastes so different to what he wants and is used to. The most I’ve managed to get down his throat is about 20mls.

And, in response to him crying, I’m sobbing.

Sobbing because I am the one that is making him crying.

Sobbing because I have to put him through it.

Sobbing because of the guilt I feel because I was quite capable of feeding my daughter for two years and for some reason am unable to do the same for even a quarter of that time.

Sobbing because of the shame I feel in my body that is letting me down.

But, the reasons for why I was crying is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is I was crying.

Where was my husband?

Sitting on the other end of the couch reading a book. Completely unfazed by the entire situation, as if we weren’t even there.

And if that weren’t enough, he was actually pissed off with me because I went to bed without saying goodnight!

What a bitch I am!


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I think my fav night just be Chocolate Strawberry Handmade Natural Soap!

I could almost eat it, it looks soooo yummy!!

On Strike


After breastfeeding my son for the last 5 months problem-free, I have encountered the one thing I never thought I’d have – breast refusal. I managed to feed my daughter until she was 2 and now it seems that my son has other ideas in mind.

For the last two feeds for the day KHAL is becoming increasingly difficult to feed. He screams, cries (tears and all), pushes me away, arches his back, goes red in the face and refuses to attach for more than a few seconds before unlatching and going through the whole process all over again.

I think the problem is that by the end of the day, my let down is a lot slower than what he’d like and is getting frustrated and upset by this. I also feel empty so perhaps my supply is low by the end of the day also.

I have found that after he has attached, sucked and then unlatched after only a few seconds at the b.reast, I have to switch him to the other side for him to do that all over again. And I have to keep doing this until after a lot of fuss and anxiety he eventually attaches and feeds ok. Not great, but enough for a proper feed I guess.

I don’t really understand what is going on, and its causing me great anxiety and stress. I’ve started dreading night time feeds. Last night I even had to give KHAL to my husband while I went to my room to try to calm down. When I came back, I found him happily babbling on my husband’s knee… way to stick the boot in!

KHAL feeds normally during the day, and his feed first thing in the morning is fantastic. Obviously because my supply has been able to build up over 10 hours. With this in mind I thought that I could give him some formula on the second last feed of the day, to allow my supply to build up a little and make my letdown a bit quicker. But as he has never had formula before nor really drunken from a bottle you can imagine how that went down… clearly not very well.

I’ve tried expressing, and can only get a few teaspoons after 30 mins of pumping. Even with a hospital-grade breast pump.

I’m waiting for the breastfeeding nurse person to call me so that I can make an appointment with her to go and try to get this sorted. I’m hoping it won’t be too long.

In the meantime, do any of you have any idea’s on what I can try??

I really need some advice!

Not only is this situation stressing both me and my son out, its really starting to get me down.

5 Months…

Already Khal is 5 months old.

We have recently started him on solids.

He has a gorgeous smile.

He makes me laugh everyday and I try to make him laugh everyday in return.

Everything he does is fantastic.

When he looks up at me with that special look of his after a feed, my heart swells, my eyes tear up and I wipe them away immediately so that I don’t miss a second of that gorgeous gaze – the one that makes me feel so loved unconditionally from the one person who doesn’t yet have the capacity to look at with hate or accusation or like I have made their lives worse because of the decisions I’ve made.

And now, a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

IMAGE_373 IMAGE_352 IMAGE_363 IMAGE_357               

IMAGE_383                 IMAGE_386                 IMAGE_385

The Joke’s On Me….

So I’m 26 this year and I don’t drive. I have my learner’s permit, and I know how to drive a little (there are some things that i don’t know how to do, e.g. 3-point turn, reverse park etc) but I don’t feel comfortable in the drivers seat and therefore have not been motivated enough to go out and obtain my full licence. Although this is not an ideal situation, especially when I have two children, but in all honesty, I’ve allowed myself to continue on it this matter because others make it so easy for me to do so. My mother lives very close by and also works in my town and has been a tremendous help in getting me too and from places that I want/need to go. It also means that we get to spend more time together. But this help has just enabled me to keep from taking that uncomfortable step and learning how to drive properly. Also, the fact that my husband does not want to help me and teach me to drive also makes it easy on me to keep on in this way. And as you probably have guessed, I walk a lot.

You are probably thinking that I ABSOLUTELY need to get my permit because of my two children. I mean, what if they are sick? What if they need emergency medical attention? What will I do in that situation? Well, I am a full member of the Ambulance Service, which means I do not pay any fees for using the paramedics services. Also my husband does drive and again, my mother is very close by. I know that there may be a situation in which those options are not at my disposal, and what then? This is the main reason why I am biting the bullet and making my husband allow me to drive, making myself get in that drivers seat and do whatever I need to do to rectify this situation.

Anyway, I told you this tid-bit of information as some background on the actual point of this post.

Today I was made to feel like a laughing stock, and I was made to feel that way by my mother and my brother.

So this morning I sent my mother asking her whether she was working today. And that I was wondering whether she could run me down the street as I needed to do a bit of shopping but the pram wouldn’t be able to hold all the goods. She wasn’t working, in fact she was actually in a town about 45 minutes from our town. She was shopping for lawn mowers. She had recently mentioned that she would be doing this with the assistance of my brother. Normally my brother would be working on a Tuesday. This is the following conversation between myself, my brother and my mother, all via text message…

Me to Mum:   Has Sedrick* got the day off?

Mum to Me:   don’t know

Me to Mum:  I thought you were going with Sedrick to do that?

Mum to Me:   when I ready to buy one

Me to Mum:   Oh ok. So do you think that you’ll be back this way in time to take me down?

Mum to Me:   It will be about 3:30 when I get to Sale**

Me to Mum:   That’s ok with me if you are willing to take me down

Mum to Me:   I was going to do some shopping first

Me to Mum:   Ok. That’s fine.

Sedrick to Me:   Do you know where Mum is? she not answering her phones.

Me to Sedrick:  She is T’gon looking at mowers and stuff.

Me to Mum:   Sedrick is trying to contact you

Mum to Me:     What for?

Me to Mum:    I dunno, I’ll ask him

Me to Sedrick:   Mum wants to know what you want

Sedrick to Me:   To see if she wants to play golf on the weekend

Me to Sedrick:   Ok

Me to Mum:    He wants to know if you want to play golf on the weekend.

Sedrick to Me:  If you with her, can you ask her?

Me to Sedrick:  I’m not with her, but I already asked her, just waiting on a response.

Me to Mum:  Sedrick asked me to ask you if you want to

Mum to Me:    I will give a ring

Me to Sedrick:  Mum said she would give you a call  

So from the above conversation any normal person would assume that Mum was alone and that Sedrick was obviously working like he was supposed too.

Well, was I ever wrong!!

When my mother came around this afternoon, she arrived at 3pm. Early, but not unlike her. We had some small-talk and the general questions about her shopping arose –

A)  Did she find a mower she liked ? (She had but didn’t buy it)

B)  Had she done her shopping? (Yes)

C)  Did she want to bring it in and put the cold stuff in the fridge? (It was already at her house)

It was then that I started getting confused.

D) I thought you weren’t getting to Sale until 3:30?

And then for some reason she asked who did I think she was with today. Now I was totally confused! Then she had informed me that Sedrick had been with her the entire time! And it was actually him that was doing all the text messages.

Well, I felt so stupid and HURT!  Here I was just going about my day and trying to help out my brother by passing on messages and there they were knowingly leading me on, out-right lying to me, and laughing at me behind my back. I mean, I could kind of expect it from my brother, but not in a million years did I ever expect it from my mother.

I made a quip about her having a good laugh at my expense and then she said that Sedrick was the one who was doing it, that she was driving etc.

I then had the following text-sation  with my brother:

Me to Sedrick:   Have a good laugh?

Sedrick to Me:  Yep… thanks

Me to Sedrick:  Glad I could be of service. Feel free to have a laugh at my expense and make me the brunt of your jokes anytime!

Sedrick to Me:  Mum told me what to write

Me to Sedrick:  Yeah well, she is blaming it on you

Sedrick to Me:  Well, she would.

And that’s where I left it.

Apparently today, the joke was on me!


* Sedrick is not his real name… for some unknown reason I have the urge to protect his identity.

** Sale is another town close to my home town where we regularly go to do grocery shopping.