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vent vent vent vent vent…..

I wish some people would just grow up!

I mean seriously, the person I’m talking about turns 30 this year. If there was an age that it was time to actually start acting like an adult, that would be it!

This person is married to my brother. My brother and I had a disagreement about 3 weeks ago. I apologised for my part in the argument the very next day (he has yet too I might add). The argument didn’t have anything to do with this particular person. My brother and I have moved on, over the entire thing, acting like nothing has happened. She is acting like she wore the brunt of my tirade, like she was the one that affected by all of this.

Only she is a coward about it.


Honestly, she is being…. a child!!

OMG. It’s really pissing me off.

So I’ll give you an example of what’s going on. Last weekend my kids, hubby and I were invited to a birthday bash for a friend. So were this person and my brother and their daughter. My brother and I were fine, talking and being our normal selves. She on the other hand wouldn’t even LOOK at me. She sat the furthest away from us that she could get. The couple of times that I did try to speak to her, she gave me one worded answers. And then when I was sitting at their table (we were out to dinner celebrating), she sat with her back facing me! How fucking rude if you ask me! I didn’t expect that sort of behaviour from her as a few days prior to that evening, I was text messaging her and she was replying and it SEEMED everything was ok. Apparently I was wrong.

After that night I was pissed. And confused. Because like I said,  she seemed to be talking to me fine via text message and the initial argument had absolutely nothing to do with her. It started because my brother spoke disrespectfully to my hubby (not the first time either) and then stalked off so that my hubby couldn’t even defend or explain what he meant (and there were no ill intentions or insults or anything else on my hubby’s part, my brother just didn’t like what he had said).  And because it was neither the time nor the place (once again we were out for dinner celebrating my mother’s b’day) I was upset and angry and followed him and then proceeded to chew him out. Yes I know, hypocrite. That was exactly why I apologised to him the next day. Absolutely NOTHING to do with her.

And if that weren’t enough, I found out a few days later that she had cracked the shits at my brother for talking to me!! OMG! Oh and had said to the host  of that party (our mutual friend) that she didn’t know we were coming and had she known she probably wouldn’t have come. I mean, GOD!! Can’t she put aside any ill feelings so that people can have a good time?? And did I mention that it had NOTHING TO DO WITH HER? And why shouldn’t the host be able to invite who she wants to invite. She didn’t even know that what had transpired, why would she think to ask if it was ok to invite me and my family!!

I spoke to my brother about her behaviour and he said something along the lines of  “don’t take it to heart, she’s even being cold with me. we’re having our own issues.”

After a couple of days I figured that if I just act normal then she will come around. So I sent her an email asking if she needed a lift to weight watchers the next morning and what she had planned on doing over the weekend. Normal email, something that gets sent almost every week. And she replied fine. A little brief but at least she actually replied.

And then I receive an email from another mutual friend (we live in a small town and i have a large family, we know a lot of people!) that she received from my SIL. Funny thing was, I never received this particular email from my SIL. Why is this strange? Because:  (a) it was a chain type email, (b) my SIL sends me this type of email ALL the freakin’ time (c) my SIL sent it to everyone else in my family plus other mutual friends.

So. Tell me, am I being way over the top, too drama-queen-esq over this whole issue or is my SIL being two-faced??

Ordinarily, this type of behaviour exhibited from someone else would illicit an “I don’t care” type response from me and I would just not bother with them anymore. But not only is my SIL my SIL, but we were actually pretty close. So I don’t get it.

What would you do in this situation?? I’m at a loss as to whether I should keep trying to act normal and hppe she comes around, confront her about her pissy behaviour or just to ignore her and have as little to do with her as possible. 

HELP please!!!

an EYE on you!


So I was at Niobe’s blog and her recent post about eye color has inspired me to take a photo of my own eye…

take one...

take one...


So that was my first photo I took. And I must say it was a lot harder than I originally thought. I took this one sitting at my laptop. I think we could all agree that the above eye is blue. Yes?


Why is it then, when I moved into a room with MUCH better light for taking photos, did they turn out like this:


take two..


I wouldn’t say the above eye is a blue colour. In fact I don’t know how to describe that colour. Any thoughts??

I’m not sure whether I like the idea of my eyes changing colour. I mean, it just made me think that if the eyes are the windows to your soul, what does that say about mine? Does that mean that my soul is not constant? That I can change the core of my being as easily as light affects my eyes? Is my struggles in life made even more difficult because there is no stability in my person? What do you think?

Sticky Situation

This will be a short post. I know I haven’t written for a while, but at the moment I’ve more concerned with the Bush Fires in our region. While the fires haven’t been close to my home, they are near me and I’ve been constantly on alert in case the fronts change and come in my direction.

It’s been truly awful. Already the fires have claimed more than 180 lives, more than 700 homes, two whole townships and have left about 5000 people homeless. And the fires are still burning. 😦

What makes matters worse is the fact that a lot of the fires burning have been deliberately lit. How some mongrel can do this to all these people is just truly beyond me. I hope they throw the book at this bastard for everything they can and may they rot in jail until their death.


On a lighter note. Just thought that I’d post a few photos of my daughter ICE, playing with her stickers. Very cute if you ask me!


Are my legs stuck on?

Are my legs stuck on?






The quality of the photos isn’t the best due to them being taken on my mobile and by my hubby, who, to be frank, doesn’t possess fantastic photographic skills!

I hope that this post finds you all well and in good health.