Sink Your Teeth Into This!

Oh boy! Poor little KHAL, my rosie-cheek man!

He is not quite 3 1/2 months old and already he is teething.

I can see two little teeth buds on his bottom gums. They are just under the surface.

They’ve been there for almost 3 weeks.

He is chewing on everything like crazy. In fact, this morning he tried to chew on my shoulder! And he is chewing on his fist as I write this. Oh and there have been a few times that he has clamped down on my nips while I’m feeding him. Man oh man, does that HURT!!!!

He’s drooling so much I gotta change his top a few times during the day and he is getting a bit of rash on his chin 😦

And boy can it make him grumpy!! He is too young (according to the packet) to use Bon.Jella and I hate to dose him up on baby paracetemol.

I wish he would just cut them already. I bet he does too.

ICE was six months old before she cut her first tooth. I was lucky that she only bit down twice on me while feeding before she learnt that it wasn’t allowed. I gently pinched her nose so that she had to unattach. Anyone have any ideas of what else I can do to stop the clamping down BEFORE his teeth actually come through?


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