Well, we are in for another scorcher! Already it is 37 degrees (98 fahrenheit) and it’s only midday. Eww.

That aside, I have to say that I’m having a pretty good day so far.

ICE went to daycare this morning so it is really QUIET! KHAL didn’t wake up until 10am so I got a great sleep-in. Sleeping in until 10am?? I know, this is not something I like to announce too loudly, because truthfully, I’m not to proud of this fact, I actually feel rather guilty about doing it. The thing is, I’m soooo tired most of the time. KHAL was up a few times during the night, but it was mostly only for a few minutes at a time before he settled back down, but each time I got up to him, it took me another half-hour to fall back to sleep. For me, broken sleep makes me far more tired than I would have been had I only got a few hours sleep in one block.

I got up at 7:30am to get ICE ready for daycare as my hubby takes her there on his way to work at 8:30. I got up easy enough – which was surprizing to me considering the night I’d had – and I got my daughter ready and I seemed to be fine. Like I could just stay up and go about my day. ICE was ready early so she was able to watch the t.v. before she left (TV doesn’t get switched on in our house until she has had breakfast and is dressed as she gets distracted too easy by it) so we sat on the couch watching Thomas the Tank Engine. Next thing I know, it’s 8:30 (our grandfather clock’s bong woke me up) and DH is saying goodbye to me with ICE in his arms. Now I know I probably should have just stayed up after they left, but KHAL was still asleep and my bed looked so inviting and it was cool in my room (KHAL is in a bassinette next to our bed) and there were a million other reasons that I used to justify my going back to bed. And then KHAL woke up at 10am.

I’ve been reading all the blogs in my blogroll. I have to say that Serenity Now‘s last post got me thinking. She talked about realising that she isn’t superwoman and letting go of some of her great expectations where motherhood were concerned. It was a great post – I love following her blog. She always manages to make me think about my own life.

In this case, I do feel guilty about going back to bed instead of staying up and doing the housework. There are a number of loads of washing to be put into the machine and a few baskets to be folded. There are a million things I could be doing to utelise my time better rather than sleeping, but man, that sleep thing… its just soooo, WONDERFUL!

As a teen I slept a lot. Not just because I was tired, but also to escape my life. Days passed much quicker (obviously) when I slept it away and at the time I was just trying to get through the days alive. Sometimes I didn’t even want to wake up, and there were many days when I wished and hoped and prayed that I wouldn’t. But I did, and I’m glad that I did, NOW. It took a long time for that to happen.

I mention this because I’ve been finding myself feeling tired more and more and wishing I was asleep… And it makes me wonder, am I subconsciously trying to escape my life again for some reason that I haven’t realised yet?

There are other reasons for my tiredness to consider:

1. I have a three year old and a three month old. Pretty good reasons to be tired I guess.

2. Low iron. I had low iron during my pregnancy but it had come good at the end. I haven’t had them checked since, but it could be a possible factor.

3. Interrupted sleep

4. ………… at a loss, I’ve come up blank for any other reasons.

I guess I should check out my iron levels and start from there.

Do you have any suggestions to help combat my fatigue?

 On a different note, KHAL has the most cutest little giggle ever! He has just started to laugh. I wish he’d do more often as I can only get him to do it about once a day. I want to hear MORE!! The sound of his laugh just lightens my heart and makes me want to laugh myself. I love that feeling!

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  1. Susan Said:

    I hate to say it but you have legitimate reasons for being exhausted and there’s nothing to do about it but watch them grow and learn to sleep through the night. And check your iron just in case. It won’t help you to hear it but I’ve been there, sista, and it sucks big green ones but it DOES get better. Hang in there!

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