Melted Marshmallow

Yep! That’s right, I’m a melted marshmallow.

Where I live its currently 37.4 degrees. For those of you who use fahrenheit, it equates to 99.32!

I hate the heat with a passion. I would much rather brave the cold. Why? Well, one reason is that in hot weather, its  onlysocially acceptable for women to take off so much clothing… in the cold, we can swaddle ourselves in sweaters and blankets to our hearts content without offending anyone… The other reason is I hate feeling sticky and uncomfortable and sweaty. It makes me feel dirty and like I need a shower.

This summer we have had only a handful of hot days – or what I would consider hot anyway, 30 degrees or hotter (86 fahrenheit). I think that is truly wonderful! Especially with a new baby. KHAL is surprizingly coping pretty well! Much better than me I think! In fact, he is in his rocker behind me just babbling happily to himself! If I had someone to talk to, I’m sure I’d be complaining about how hot it is!

Tomorrow’s forecast is for a 25 degree (77 fahrenheit) day. Which, while I think it’s the perfect temperature, it’s not so great for my daughter as the sudden change in weather usually causes a cold to occur, which in turn causes her asthma to flare up. So I’ll be on high alert for the next few days. A three year old having an asthma attack is not a great situation to be in. Luckily, ICE is pretty good at taking her vent.olin.

Well I guess that is my gripe of the day. Sad I know… but it’s too hot to think of anything else to say!

So tell me, what is your ideal weather. And what do you do to cope with the opposite?



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